6 days walking in deadly temperatures as high as 120°F

At over 220 feet below sea level, summertime temperatures often exceed 120°F. I will need to carry at least 3 gallons of water per day to stay alive.

It's about getting off the couch and doing something!

Only a few years ago I was a fat, lazy couch potato but I'm changing that! Follow along, support and encourage me. I need it!

A virtual ghost-town with no humans and limited access

With no people or road-access for miles in many places, I will need a full support team, 4WD emergency vehicles and emergency equipment.

One of California's most important bird habitats

We need to raise awareness of California's dying Salton Sea to save it before it's too late!

In June of 2015 I became the first person to ever walk around the entire shoreline of California's largest lake, Salton Sea.