A Walk Around The Salton Sea

UPDATED June 15, 2015:  On June 14, 2015 I completed my walk around the entire shoreline of Salton Sea. To read the day-by-day account of my walk, click here: My walk around Salton Sea.

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure, do something totally crazy, or visit a bizarre and dangerous place? Well now you can, through me!

I’m just a regular old-guy that up until now has spent way too much time laying on the couch, but I am determined to change that!

In June 2015 I will attempt to be the first person to ever walk around the 100+ miles of Salton Sea shoreline. My attempt during summer when temperatures reach 120°F will be chronicled for you to follow on this website, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and even in a full-length documentary film planned to be debuted at the 2016 Palm Springs Film Festival.

Please follow along, but I need your help! I need you to spread the word of my adventure, raise awareness for the dying Salton Sea, and contribute to the project.

How you can be part of this adventure:

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Get a taste of what it takes to prepare for this adventure:

Thank you for coming along with me on this adventure! Be sure to check our REPORTS page for updates, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus pages for live Tweets, live video feeds, and photos, as they happen over the next few months as we prepare for the big-event.

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