About The Salton Sea Walk

The Team

Randy (old guy doing the walking):

Photo of Blake Alexander and Randy Brown

Film maker Blake Alexander and Randy Brown

47 year-old Randy grew up in Southern California and as a child, from 1978 through 1988 has camped-out at the Salton Sea nearly 100 times.

Randy is a ‘desert walker’ and enjoys walking and hiking in the hills above his Rancho Cucamonga home when summer temperatures are well over 100°F but prior to 2009 he spent most of his time on the couch.

Randy has dreamed of a long-distance “desert marathon” walk for years, but only after leaving the corporate world and starting his own business at the beginning of 2014 did he realize that he could now pursue this crazy dream.  To see why he is crazy enough to want to walk around the Salton Sea see his post titled “Why Walk Around The Salton Sea?

The Safety & Support Team

The primary support will be provided by “Grandpa” John Sears.  John will be piloting the motor home for night time lodging and more importantly to cool down should any heat-related emergencies occur.  John will also be manning the Jeep while tracking Randy’s every move on GPS for fast-access in any emergency.

Several other friends have shown interest in coming down during The Big Event, but it’s a hard sell once they learn the temps will be 110°F or more, with virtually nothing to do all day.  If you are interested in supporting Randy and being part of this adventure please visit the Salton Sea Walk GoFundMe Project page. If you are interested in sponsoring this historic adventure please let us know by using the contact form.

The Film Crew

Randy’s journey to circumnavigate the Salton Sea shoreline at the peak of summer will be the subject of a documentary produced by Black Moon Productions.

Blake Alexander (producer) and Corbin Schweitzer (director) co-founded Black Moon Productions while attending the University of Washington, where they wrote and produced several acclaimed, student shorts. The team, along with an in-house composer, marketing, and business advisor, has collaborated on projects ranging from short films to music videos and commercials. Blake has a background in production accounting, reality TV and the talent agency world, while Corbin has a background in photography, editing, tech and extreme fitness.  Blake and Corbin will be on-location to film much of Randy’s Journey.

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