And Now For Something Completely Different

Last week I posted a video on YouTube that I call the “Salton Sea Walk Trailer”. I shared it on my GoFundMe page and Facebook & Twitter.  If you havn’t seen it already, here it is.

After watching the video, a friend of mine noticed a “hat tip” to one of his favorite movies. I told him there were several more little hat-tips and fun things to find in the video and he went crazy trying to find them all. I thought it would be fun to post all the little things in the video along with some trivia.  I figure, what good is a potentially deadly, historic adventure if you can’t have a little fun?!

The Scouting Trips Opening

  • In the “Scouting Trips” opening, there is homage to a old movie starring Bill Murray. Can you name the movie?
  • The opening also has a two-fold hat-tip to a famous singer. Can you name the singer and explain why it’s a two-fold homage?
  • There is an homage to my favorite man/place. Can you name the place, his name, or the company named after him?
  • Why is there a Folgers ground coffee can if I’m making coffee with a Keurig? (granted, this one is weak)
  • In the car-starting sequence, the gas tank gauge reads empty. This was intentional, and there is a reason. Can you guess what it is?
  • The driving sequence shows the Palm Springs “windmill farms”.  Can you name the connection to Salton Sea (other than being on the way to get there)?

Training & Practice

  • While talking about how difficult it is to walk through the barnacles and bones on the beach I had to stop shooting because a fish-bone got stuck in my sock and stabbed my foot. I kept it in the video because it proved the point I was making so well.
  • You might notice that while talking about the training and practice, I am out of breath.  I only had to walk a few hundred yards to film these scenes, and it all took less than 30 minutes, but these temperatures (it was 116°F) and extreme humidity your body begins to breathe faster/harder to stay cool. You can hear it in my voice.
  • As mentioned above, it was a hot day (116°F). The walking “point of view” shots beginning at 2:44 into the video were shot on an iPhone.  We had just eaten lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant (The Ski Inn in Bombay Beach) and drove in the air-conditioned car to Corvina Beach to film these scenes.  In the few minutes that it took to get out of the car and record this scene, the iPhone had already begun to overheat.  If you watch this scene on a large screen you can see little black dots or ’tiles’ all over the image from about 2:44 to 2:50 in the video.  These are from the camera sensor beginning to overheat. Less than one minute after shooting this scene, the phone displayed a warning about it being “too hot”, and ceased to function until long after I got back into the car and headed home with the air conditioning blasting.
  • In the closing sequence as I disappear while walking away at 2:36 into the video, you might notice a crane (bird) magically appear in the water as I disappear.  We didn’t notice that big guy until editing the video the next day and we didn’t have time to re-shoot.

Stay tuned for my next video!

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