Another Day, Another Newspaper Interview

Up bright and early today so I could be on the road before 7AM. Blake and I were meeting with Desert Sun reporter Dave Nyczepir and photographer Richard Lui at the North Shore Yacht Club for a quick interview.  The Desert Sun is the biggest paper in the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area, so hopefully this will help us bring even more attention to my walk and Salton Sea.

Picture of Dave Nyczepir and Richard Lui

Dave Nyczepir and Richard Lui from the Desert Sun newspaper

Dave and Richard were true professionals and and asked some great questions. Before we started the interview we were approached by a local resident that was organizing weekend fish-dyoff cleanups to help keep the shoreline clean and less ‘smelly’ for the weekend visitors. It’s great to see the residents getting together to make Salton Sea a better place!

You can read the article online at The Desert Sun website here: Drawing attention to Salton Sea

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