Captain Charles E. Davis Mullet Island Land Deed

The original land-deed for Captain Charles E. Davis’ acquisition of Mullet Island dated November 22, 1926.

Homestead deed document for Mullet Island

Original Homestead Document

This “land patent” references the homestead owned at the time by Charles E. Davis as the property or land located at the southwest quarter of section ten in Township eleven south of Range thirteen, east of the San Bernardino Meridian, California.

The area of land is referenced in this 1916 land survey:

1916 Land Survey of the Salton Sea Mullet Island area

1916 Land Survey (click for larger version)

The 1916 land survey map does not have much detail but it does show the shoreline of the then newly created Salton Sea as well as the Alamo River. The survey references the previous survey, completed in 1856 for additional detail.

The 1856 survey, (see image below) completed almost 50 years before Salton Sea was created, references what was then commonly referred to as the “Salton Sink”, as “DRY LAKE” in the upper-left.  It also shows two river channels as “DRY RUN”. These two channels, or washes/creeks would later become the New and Alamo rivers, carrying in the water that would form Salton Sea in 1905.

The map also shows “Low Black Hills”, which today is known as Obsidian Butte.  Two areas of “mud volcanos” are also shown.

The Mud Volcanos listed in Sec.24 are what is now the Schrimpf Rd and Davis Rd mud volcanos (Davis Road was named after Charles E. Davis).  The mud volcanos shown between Sec.15 and Sec.14 are what is now known as the “new mudpot field”.  Charles Davis’ land, Mullet Island is located slightly north west of the “new mud pot field” in Sec.10.

The green line shows the approximate shoreline of Salton Sea today.

1856 Land Survey Map of Salton Sea

Salton Sea 1856 survey map (click to enlarge)

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