Film Interview

Before we started the scouting mission near the Whitewater River we met with French Film maker Coline Madec. Coline is filming a documentary about the Salton Sea and has been in California all week filming and doing interviews.  Coline read about my plan to be the first person to ever walk around the Salton Sea shoreline and the documentary we are filming about it, and wanted to include Blake and I in her film.

The filming took about an hour and started with filming me ‘doing my thing’, walking along the shoreline. It was a cool morning by my standards, only about 98°F, but the French crew were feeling the heat almost immediately and seemed to have difficulty grasping what it would be like walking in temperatures as high as 120°F, or in their language, 48.8°C.

I took this picture just as we began filming.  Note the dock in the background which was once used for fishing and launching boats but is now about 300 yards away from the nearest water.  The bulk of my interview was filmed while sitting on that dock.

Picture of film crew at Salton Sea California

The film crew was already feeling the heat

I took this picture while standing on the dock looking down as the crew was checking the equipment and doing sound-checks. It’s sad to think that less than 30 years ago they would have been under 5 feet of water in that spot.

Picture of film crew doing sound-check at Salton Sea

The film crew doing a sound check

Later while they were preparing for their next interview with Imperial Valley Water District’s Environmental Manager Bruce Wilcox they had a chance to cool down in the shade. They look noticeably more comfortable in the cooler temperatures.

Picture of the Salton Sea film crew cooling off in the shade

The crew cooling down in the shade

Photo of Bruce Wilcox of the Imperial Valley Water District waiting to be interviewed by the film crew

Bruce Wilcox of IID waiting for his interview

After our interview one of the crew members took the first picture ever of Blake and I together.

Photo of film maker Blake Alexander and Salton Sea Walk's Randy Brown

Blake and Randy after the interview


It was great meeting the crew and being included in their film.  When the previews and trailers of the film are released I will post them here to view and of course I will post info on the entire project when completed.


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