Landing Strips At The Salton Sea Test Base

Locations of the aircraft runways and landing strips at the Salton Sea Navy Base (Salton Sea Test Base). The location data shown in this map is from the United States Naval Facilities Engineering Command.Photo of the 3 runways at the Salton Sea Test Base

“New” Runway:

The “New” runway was built around 1954 as a replacement for both the East West Runway and Paramount Runway which both had to be abandoned due to the rising water level.

“East-West” Runway:

The East-West Runway, a parking area, and additional magazines were constructed to support rocket development and training conducted between March 27 1944 and March 15 1945. The “East-West” runway was abandoned around 1955 due to the rising level of Salton Sea.

Paramount Runway:

The Paramount Runway was a 4,000-foot clay surface airstrip built in early 1942 by Paramount Studios for the movie “Wake Island”.  Due to it’s proximity to the shore, and the muddy nature of the shoreline, the Paramount runway is barely, if at all discernible. The Paramount runway was abandoned around 1955 due to the rising level of Salton Sea.

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