Memo: Inspection Trip to Sandy Beach (P2)

In this (page two) of a previously TOP SECRET/CLASSIFIED memo regarding a trip to Sandy Beach (code-word for Salton Sea Test Base) dated November 1944, Caption W.S. Parsons provides an update on the status of the “special” targets. Target color was discussed, and white was agreed on.  It was determined that radio equipment would be necessary for the C-45 aircraft, and it appears that the mud at Salton Sea was a bit of an issue for the C-45 airplanes:

The dirt runways of Sandy Beach make their use in wet weather prohibitive, however Lt. Mirgon stated that a C-45 should be able to land and take off from the macadamized parking area in front of the tower if necessary. Lt. Mirgon did take off in a C45 in this manner. Top Secret memo about a inspection visit to Sandy Beach, Salton Sea

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