Mud Pots And The West Side

In August 2014 I got a private tour of the entire Salton Sea by the IID’s Bruce Wilcox.  These photos are from some of the highlights of the trip.

The New Mud Pot Field Near Mullet Island

Mud pots at Salton Sea

Steam rising over the mud pot field

Picture of a mud pot at Salton Sea

A mud pot in ‘mid pop’

We headed south from Mullet Island toward the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge.  We stopped on Lack Rd. so I could grab a picture of this lonely tree.

Picture of a dead tree on Lack Road at Salton Sea California

After rounding the southern horn we were heading north again, passing Poe Rd, and the abandoned Naval Station and went through Salton City and Desert Shores.

picture of a marina at Salton Sea

Remains of a boat marina at Salton Sea

picture of a chair on the beach at Salton Sea

A beautiful beach at Salton Sea

We ended up back where we started on the north shore so checked out my Base Camp North where I will be living in May 2015, the month before my walk around Salton Sea. Who says you can’t find a nice place to stay at Salton Sea?

Picture of an apartment swimming pool at North Shore, Salton Sea

Time for a dip!

No trip to Salton Sea is complete without stopping by the International Banana Museum for a world-famous chocolate-bananna shake!

The international Banana Museum at Salton Sea


  1. Quote: International Banana Museum for a world-famous chocolate-banana shake!

    I guess I expected that to be in the West Indies and not, like in the middle of the Californian desert (dessert?)

  2. I spent a few days near Mecca in the spring of ’74 and took a day trip around the sea. It’s heyday had passed, and water levels were rising and the lake stunk, but it was still a thriving area. Sad to see what it’s become.
    Thanks for sharing

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