North Shore Areas

In May 2014 I started doing “mapping” and “scouting” missions.  These were basically short practice walks, from 3 to 15 miles with the intention of making note of any hazardous areas or water crossings that would be too difficult to cross on foot when I do my walk around the entire shoreline in 2015.  On these longer and more difficult missions I don’t bring my large DSLR camera and take pictures with my iPhone.

This picture of what I think is the old campground was taken near the State Park Headquarters beach.  When I came to this campground as a child in 1977 this spot was under a few feet of water.

Picture of the old campground at Salton Sea State Beach

Flooded out campground

A few miles south of the State Park Headquarters is Corvina Beach.  This is the campground that my family and I camped at probably over 100 times from 1977 through 1987.  This old sign is in the desert area a few hundred yards from the shore.

Picture of road-closed sign at Corvina Beach

This road is closed

Most of the shoreline north of the North Shore Yacht club is nothing more than barnacle covered beach surrounded by farms but about two miles north are the remains of what looked like an old resort and evidence that the water levels were once much higher. This paddle boat is several hundred yards away from the water in what looks like was once a nice lagoon.

Picture of an abandoned paddle boat at Salton Sea

This old paddle-boat was left behind

About 3 miles north of the North Shore Yacht Club I came across this bobcat on the beach. This poor guy is a reminder that there is still wildlife at Salton Sea and that Salton Sea is a harsh and difficult place to survive. This little guy didn’t make it.

Picture of a dead bobcat at Salton Sea

Dead bobcat on the beach

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