Overnight Test-Walk #1

This weekend, Sept 26, 27, and 28th (2014) we are planning our first overnight “dress rehearsal”!  It seemed like this day would never come, but it’s here and only 9-months until The Big Event next June!

This overnight trip has several mission objectives:

  • Get the whole team together for the first time
  • Test/find out what it will be like living/eating/sleeping together in the motor home and discover any unknown issues
  • Walk/scout/map approximately 30 miles of the western shoreline

This is the basic plan for the 3-day weekend:

  • Arrive Friday afternoon and setup at Base Camp West
  • Scout-out and review with the team drop off and pickup points on Poe Road, Navy Base Road and Salton Sea Beach Marina
  • Friday night luau “on the beach” dinner with Kerry Morrison and our Save our Sea friends
  • Saturday morning walk 11 miles from Navy Base Rd to Salton Sea Beach Marina (Crystal Ave)
  • After a 1 hour lunch and rest, at approximately 1PM walk 8 miles from Salton Sea Beach Marina to Save Our Sea headquarters/Base Camp West
  • Sunday morning walk 8 miles from Poe Road to Navy Base Road
Picture of Salton Sea from Save Our Sea Headquarters

The view from Base Camp West

As of today the weather forecast is for ‘mild’ temperatures in the 95°F-100°F range, so the walks should be relatively easy but I’m sure we’ll uncover some issues and learn a few things.

If you are going to be near Salton City stop by and wave!  I will be arriving at the Crystal Avenue marina around 12PM on Saturday, then around 1PM walking along Honolulu Ave back to the shoreline. Shortly after that I will be walking along Salton Bay Drive and cutting back in to the shoreline near West Shores Mobile Home park.  Around 4PM I should be arriving at Salton Sea Beach, walking down Coachella Ave and across Eddie Ave, back to the shore.

Of course, as with every mission I will be Live-Tweeting, Sharing on Facebook and Instagram during the walk, and will have a full video-report on my YouTube channel within a few days.

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