Podcast Interview: “A walk around the Salton Sea”

A walk around the shoreline of the Salton Sea is 116 miles to be exact. I came to learn about this one evening while posting a picture on Instagram that I took at the Salton Sea a couple years back. I added the hashtag #saltonsea and immediately was connected to a new user on Instagram:  Saltonseawalk. The account was set up in anticipation of  a Summer 2015 journey to walk around the Salton Sea. For the past two years I have been drawn to tales about people taking to the road and traveling. From Craigslist Joe to Arthur Hitchcock, I was hooked.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Salton Sea, it is a barren waste land/ghost town. In the 50’s it was a hot spot for families to get away and vacation. These days it looks nothing like its former self. There are boats sticking out of the middle of the desert , heat that will stroke you and people living on the outskirts of society. So why the Salton Sea? I had to know, so I immediately contacted Randy Brown  the owner of the “saltonseawalk” account. He was more than willing to talk, so please have a listen.

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  1. I used to camp at the Salton Sea back in the 90’s The last time I was out there it was in May and it was so hot and humid .I cooked breakfast and threw all the dishes and pots and pans in a trash bags and headed for home except one stop at the date shake place I drank 2 date shakes on the way home .Your walk has picked up my interest so I will head out there in October to camp and try a patty melt at the Ski Inn.Good luck.

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