Remote Camera Site In Salton City

By 1947 the Test Base had several remote camera sites used to record test data and imagery of bomb-drops and other activities. One remote camera site was located very near the border of Salton City, near Haven Dr. and Seaview Drive, just off of Harvard Ave.

Map of the remote camera site near Salton City

The Salton City Remote Camera Site location

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  1. Randy,

    I believe that I recently found another camera site just west of Salton City, north of 22. I saw it on some old topographical maps that I just bought. The map calls it “Salton Sea Base B-2”. There are only two sites that I could see on the map. I’ve not been to B-2 yet. From sat images, it looks like like the one mentioned above. A concrete pad with a giant concrete pillar on it. I’ve been to the camera site and the camera sites in the active bombing area south of 78. Some similarities.

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