Salton Sea Navy Test Base Water Treatment Plant

The test base was renovated between October 1948 and November 1949.  During that time a water treatment plant was built approximately 5 miles south of the base to process water withdrawn from the Trifolium Extension irrigation canal.Schematic layout of the water treatment plant

The water treatment facility site consisted of one building and a power generator to run the water treatment systems.   The plant was abandoned due to extensive damage from hurricanes during 1976 and 1977. The fuel tank was removed as part of the base cleanup project in 1993.  The buildings remained until at least 1997 but have since been demolished.Picture of the water treatment system


  1. Randy,

    Thanks for the great info. I went to the location of the water treatment facility today. The building, tanks and ponds are still there. The building is the same pink as the pink building on the base. It also says water treatment facility on it. There were workers there tending the crop irrigation. It looks like it is part of private land now. Lots of junk and irrigation equipment stored there. I noticed on the way out that there was a sign that said no trespassing. Oops!


  2. What hurricanes? Hello? California doesnt have hurricanes!

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