Salton Sea Walk – Basecamp – NORTH!

Things have been moving fast this last week!  Big thank you to Jens and Kathleen Mueller of Palm Desert Showcase Homes who have donated the use of their property to use as our Basecamp NORTH!

A photo of the North Shore apartments at Salton Sea, California

Our new basecamp NORTH!

The use of a full apartment unit as a basecamp will give me a place to live in the weeks leading up to my walk around Salton Sea in June 2015 to acclimate to the heat and humidity. It will also allow us to safely store food and equipment.

Our unit is in the North Shore Apartments complex right across from the North Shore Yacht club.  It has a nice sized living room, kitchen bed, and bath, and even has a swimming pool!

Photo of Blake Alexander in our apartment at Salton Sea

Blake cooling down at Basecamp NORTH

Picture of the swimming pool at the North Shore Apartment complex

The swimming pool!

The use of an apartment as our northern basecamp is HUGE!  Thank you again to Jens and Kathleen Mueller!


  1. Why walk in June. Why not October, so it would be cooler? Others, like myself, might join you for part of your walk!

    • Common question Ron!
      We want to draw attention to Salton Sea.. I guess I’m turning into a bit of a daredevil. Nobody wants to watch a daredevil jump over just one bus on his motorcycle, right? People want to watch him jump 20 buses!
      Walking in the cooler months is jumping over just one bus because it’s easy.. June, is more like 20 buses!
      Not to worry though! We are trying to setup some small “Walk Salton Sea” walks to bring people down to walk a short portion of the shoreline in the cooler months before my big walk in June 2015.

  2. I like the passion guys!!! How’s it going? I live north Palm Springs and visit the Salton Sea often; when will you be at the base camp?

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