Salton Sea Walk Basecamp-West!

I’m excited to announce that we have inked an agreement with Kerry F. Morrison and EcoMedia Compass / Save Our Sea to make use of the EcoMedia Compass headquarters as our base camp for scouting missions and during The Big Event in June 2015!

Photo of Randy Brown and Blake Alexander of Salton Sea Walk with Kerry F. Morrison.

Blake Alexander, Randy Brown, and Kerry F. Morrison on the shoreline of Salton Sea at EcoMedia Compass HQ

The use of a fully-functional base camp at Salton Sea will be a huge help in completing the 15 or 20 remaining scouting and mapping missions we’ll be making between now and The Big Event in 2015. The property will also serve as a place for our motor home during the big event – complete with shoreline access and a great view of Salton Sea.

Photo of Salton Sea from Ecomedia Compass headquarters

The view of Salton Sea from HQ

Wait, there’s more!

Not only are we granted full use of the Ecomedia Compass property but we will also be able to make use of “Cortez”, which should have a shiny new coat of paint and be ready to roll in time for my walk around Salton Sea next year.  A little gritty looking on the outside now, but it’s fully functional, has ice-cold air-conditioning and will give us more sleeping room for my safety team and Blake’s film crew.

Kerry F. Morrison and his motor home RV, Cortez

Kerry F. Morrison stands in front of ‘Cortez’, a work in progress

We had a great time meeting with Kerry and Giovanni Arechavaleta of the Ecomedia Compass this week. They gave us the full tour of the huge headquarters property at Salton Sea and even gave us some ice-cold Ecomedia Compass peach flavored lemonade to help us stay cool in the heat.

Picture of bottle of peach flavored Ecomedia Compass Tea

Official Ecomedia Compass Peach Lemonade

Photo of Kerry F. Morrison, Blake Alexander and Giovanni Arechavaleta

Kerry Morrison, Blake Alexander and Giovanni Arechavaleta at the Ecomedia Compass headquarters property

Even More!

In addition to being granted use of the Ecomedia Compass property I also look forward to teaming up on future events to help raise awareness for Salton Sea.  As these events are scheduled I will post them here.

Thank you Kerry Morrison and EcoMedia Compass!


  1. That’s awesome!

  2. Wonderful news Randy!

  3. great news randy i hope all that you and the rest of your bring much needed awareness to our salton sea

  4. That is great new Randy

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