Secrets of Salton Sea Video Now Available

Secrets of Salton Sea video picture

The video goes back to World War II and outlines how the Salton Sea Test Base was an important part of the Manhattan Project, and delves into what the military left behind after abandoning the base in the 1990’s.

“Secrets of Salton Sea”, a 27 minute long TV style video about some of the history of the military use of Salton Sea during and after World War II is now available on Amazon for $1.99.

The video is available on Amazon’s Prime Direct video streaming service at this link:


  1. Is there a place to buy the video or is it a part of the “Salton Sea Walk” video on sale at the Salton City Chamber? At Amazon, you can only rent the video. Since I live here, I collect all the videos of the area I can.

    • Hi Roni;
      The “Secrets of Salton Sea” is totally separate and unrelated to the video of my walk around Salton Sea, “SOS: The Salton Sea Walk”.
      Currently “Secrets of Salton Sea” is only available for rent via online streaming. It may be made available to “purchase” at a later date, but that would be in electronic/download form only.
      There are no plans to publish Secrets of Salton Sea on DVD/BlueRay.

      • Thank you for getting back to me. I watched your video of the walk around the sea. It would have been really interesting if it had some of the videos of the mud volcanos, the barge, etc, included but it was a great video. I even purchased a copy for my mother and my aunt.

  2. Not a problem to download and record to a DVD. I’ve done that many times. When you have it available for download, please contact me. I am closely involved with the Salton City Chamber and now the new West Shores Community News. Thank you for your quick reply.

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