Think It’s Easy? Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

My old friend Steve from high-school has been following my adventure on Facebook and thinks it looks ‘fun’.  Steve is a year or 3 older than me and is a marathon runner, and he seems to think that a young guy like me doing “a little stroll on the beach” is no big deal.  So I challenged Steve to:

Can you handle the WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES challenge?

The Walk A Mile In MY Shoes Challenge!

And he accepted! So this Thursday (August 28, 2014) at Noon, Steve and I will be at the beach just north of the North Shore Yacht Club and we will go for a little mile or two long walk. But as part of the challenge of walking a mile in my shoes, Steve will be wearing my full, 22-pound backpack, and our little walk we be through the 6-inch deep barnacle beach of Salton Sea’s northern shore.  He won’t actually have to wear my shoes, but I might make him wear my trademark hat and sunglasses.  Of course, the little walk will be videoed for everyone to enjoy, so if you can’t come down to watch, you will still be able to enjoy it on Youtube.

UPDATE: Read this page and watch the video to see how this marathon runner did! (Hint, he had a complete attitude-adjustment within 1 hour!) CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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  1. Looking forward to your next post to see how Steve did.

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