Walk A Mile In My Shoes Challenge #2 Accepted

Not long after last month’s first Walk A Mile In My Shoes challenge I put out the word on Twitter and Facebook that I was ready for my second challenger!  This time I called out ultra-marathon runners, Navy Seals, and other elite athletes that might think walking just a mile or two at Salton Sea in summer time was no big deal.

What is the Walk A Mile In My Shoes Challenge?

In June 2015 I will be attempting to be the first person to ever walk along the entire 116 mile shoreline of Salton Sea.  To make it more interesting and challenging, I decided to make my attempt during summer where temperatures can reach 120°F with humidity of over 90%.

Some people, particularly marathon runners or endurance athletes are of the opinion that walking along the shoreline of Salton Sea is no big deal, so I challenge them to WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES!  In the challenge I will take the challenger on a 1-5 mile walk along Salton Sea’s north shore, while they wear my 23-pound backpack.  To ensure that they have the same experience as I will have next summer, we do the challenge on a warm day with temperatures of at least 105°F, just like I will be walking in when I attempt my 6 day, 116 mile walk in June 2015.  After walking just a few miles in my shoes, I have just one question for the challenge taker: “Do you still think it’s no big deal?”

We have challenge-taker number two!

It took a few days but we finally found someone man enough to step up to my challenge!  And he is a she!

Picture of Breanna Churchman

Breanna Churchman – Challenge Taker #2

Breanna an avid hiker, is well acclimated to extreme heat, has been to Salton Sea several times, and is immune to the “Salton Sea stank”.  Breanna also thinks that a little stroll along the shore is no big deal!  We’ll see about that!

Breanna Churchman-rocks

Breanna has a limited schedule and lives about 300 miles away from Salton Sea so finding a day that works for her has been a bit of a challenge, but we have tentatively scheduled her challenge for Tuesday September 16.  We will post updates and details, and of course we will video the challenge for everyone to watch.

Will Breanna come out after the challenge thinking that walking a mile in my shoes is no big deal, or will she break down and admit that it’s much harder than she could imagine?  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: To watch the video of how Breanna did, see this page: Walk A Mile In My Shoes Challenge #2 Video


  1. Sign me up!!! I’ll do the challenge on the same day. Sounds like fun.

    • Well Ryan what makes you think that doing a mile in my shoes would be easy, and what are your qualifications?

      • I do not think that this journey will be easy. I am up for the challenge that it offers. I am not an extreme athlete, but I do enjoy running and participating in events that push my limits. Tough Mudder in Tahoe, a marathon in Australia, numerous half marathons, and the Rangar Relay in Florida, California, and Utah.

        What caught my attention about this walk, is that it’s not something you can pay to do or be a part of. This is simply to make a statement and pushing the limits. I want an opportunity to take on this challenge to do what few have attempted. I train often and I think that I can complete this challenge mentally and physically.

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