Walking Around Salton Sea: Day 4

Friday.. Usually everyone’s favorite day of the week. Not for me. Not this Friday.

Day 4 started just like day 3 and the 2 days before that.  Wake up early, 4:30AM today, after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep, drink coffee, tape my toes with anti-blister tape, eat, then walk. An optimist would point out that I had two things to look forward too today: A lunch party and taking a dip in the pool at the Vista Del Mar Clubhouse, and a dinner party at Johnsons Landing in Salton City.  But before any of that, I had 21 miles to walk and predicted high temperatures of 107°F. I guess all those miles and temperatures made me see the glass half-empty.

Still “brain burned”, which had started to fully effect me on day #3, and now really feeling it, I wasn’t in the best of moods. Or, maybe that wasn’t from the brain-burn and instead it was from the lack of sleep.  On the other hand, it might have been from not eating enough.  Either way, my body, mostly my brain, was feeling the effects of the journey so far, which was at the half-way point today.  Beginning the previous day, and getting worse from this day on, I would not remember most of my walk – virtually no details.  I have flashes of memories of the big events along the way. The early morning filming at the Navy Base, the lunch party, swimming, and the dinner party – and that’s about it.  Because of that, this is where my blog posts change to less wordy, and more photos and videos.  I simply don’t remember much beginning late on day 3, and less and less each day after that.  All I have to go on are the photos, interviews and videos that I have saved.

I do still clearly remember that Blake had one fuckofa blister, and at this point in my walk I still had virtually none.  Blake never got a single blister during the previous year of training and mapping walks with me, so he had no idea how to deal with them.  I, on the other hand, practically had a PHD in dealing with blisters.

Before starting the day I taped up the giant blister on his foot that I swear I could see move with his every heartbeat.

Randy Brown tending to Blake Alexander's feet

Taping up Blake’s blister

The day started at the southern edge of the abandoned Navy Base. Before reaching the main area of the Navy Base I uploaded my first video update. The topic, “brain burn”.

After a 2 mile walk to the pier I met up with the film crew. They had driven in a littler earlier and met me there not long after sunrise.  Here are some video-outtakes the crew got that morning, and later in the day.

After hamming it up for the film crew, I continued north.
Randy Brown at the Salton Sea Navy Base

At building “A1” on the Navy Base

Sidewinder snake tracks in the sand

Sidewinder tracks in the sand dunes near the Navy Base

The mile 5 video update:

day 4 mile 5 update

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015

Simple math tells me that I walked 5 more miles between the mile 5 video update and the mile 10 update. I would love to write something witty and interesting about those miles, but sadly, brain-burn has robbed me of any memory of whatever interesting things that I may, or may not have encountered. Although, I’m pretty sure it was beginning to get hot. When I lift my hat, and put it back on as I do at 6 seconds into the video below, that means I’m feeling the heat. By lifting my hat, it releases any heat that has built up and lets the breeze in to cool my head off.

day 4 mile 10 update

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015

After about 12 miles I reached the edge of Salton City and met my crew for a small snack and cold-water refill. My friend Mike Friese came out to meet me and followed along for the next several miles.

Mike Friese of Salton City with Randy Brown

Mike Friese giving the thumbs-up with me

Randy Brown walking at Salton Sea

Walking near Salton City; Photo by Mike Friese

As I approached the Vista Del Mar Clubhouse I was looking forward to some lunch, and a dip in the swimming pool as the temperature broke 100°F.

day 4 mile 14 update

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015


15 miles after starting the day I finally reached the clubhouse in Salton City. I still only remember bits and pieces, but I can remember that there were more people there than I expected, and I had a great burger.

Randy Brown arriving at the clubhouse in Salton City

Walking onto the clubhouse property

Randy Brown shaking hands at a lunch break

I went into the air-conditioned round building and hid away in a private changing room area that they set aside for Blake and I. I was hot and tired and my feet were starting to feel it. Blake would no longer be the only one of us with blisters, as a few had just began to sprout on my toes.

Randy Brown's feet after walking half-way around Salton Sea

My feet were feeling the heat

Randy Brown taking a rest while walking around Salton Sea

Feeling a bit tired

Before grabbing lunch, I met with Molly Shannon, a correspondent with NPR Radio.

NPR's Molly Shannon with Randy Brown

NPR correspondent Molly Shannon

Molly, her photographer and I hid away for a few minutes in a quiet corner of the clubhouse and we did a quick interview. You can listen to the 3 minute and 48 second interview here: Interview With Randy Brown

After wrapping up the interview I grabbed a burger and headed out to the pool. Molly followed along, audio-recorder in hand.

Randy Brown eating at the Vista Del Mar Clubhouse in Salton City

Eating a burger and talking to friends

Randy Brown swimming in the Vista Del Mar Clubhouse swimming pool

Cooling off in the swimming pool

Video update after lunch:

day 4 after lunch update

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015

Not long after leaving the clubhouse, the temperature began to rise.

Hot temperatures at Salton Sea as Randy Brown walks the shoreline

Air temperature close to 109°F

Fans with Randy Brown during his walk around Salton Sea

Supporters giving support

Randy Brown resting during his walk around the Salton Sea shoreline

Taking a rest

After 20 miles I was feeling the heat and my newly formed blisters were starting to hurt. Walking through the the deep barnacle shells in this area wasn’t making it any easier.

Rancho La Playa, my first basecamp, was on fire. The owner had passed away several months before my walk and the property was already falling into disrepair. Somehow a mulch fire had started that burned for several weeks. The sadness of seeing it smolder is one of the few things I can still remember.

day 4 mile 20. sorry the vid cuts off at the end

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015

The video above got cut-off. My phone was overheating and decided not to record anymore. It took a few minutes but I was able to get it recording again after holding it in the shade under my shirt for a few minutes. At about 40 seconds into this video you can hear me struggling with brain-burn as I am unable to get out the word “dinner”.

mile 20 part 2

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015

After a few more hours I reached Desert Shores, hot, tired, and hungry.

Randy Brown at the end of the fourth day of his walk around Salton Sea

THE END.. Of day #4

More festivities

After getting back to camp at Johnsons Landing, cooling down, and taking a shower, it was time for the big spaghetti dinner event.
The Salton Sea Walk crew and friends at Johnson's Landing in Salton City

I was feeling pretty good at this point, and I remember much of the evening. I was tired and I didn’t stay long, opting instead to try to get some sleep, but the crowd was great. In this video I led everyone in the loudest “Save our sea!” ever recorded:

Me talking a bit at dinner tonight at Johnsons landing bar and grill and the WORLDS LOUDEST “SAVE OUR SEA” ever !

Posted by Salton Sea Walk on Friday, June 12, 2015

The night ended, like all of the others so far, laying in the motorhome, staring at the ceiling, wondering what the next day would bring.

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