Will There Be Rattlesnakes?

I was talking to a friend about the Big Event the other day.  I talked about how hot it would be, the extreme risk of dehydration, brain-swelling, getting stuck in the mud, and all of the other risks and dangers, and she had only one question:

Wont there be rattlesnakes?

The risk of rattlesnakes at Salton Sea is one of the lowest on my list of things to worry about.  To be clear, there are rattlesnakes in the desert area and there are signs in the designated camping areas warning about the risk of rattlesnakes and snakebite.  But even the signs point out that they are not active during the heat of the day.  They also aren’t very keen on slithering down to the shoreline for a sip of salty water so I doubt that I will have to step over any.

Picture of a rattlesnake warning sign

They’re here, but you’ll never see them!

In all my years of camping at Salton Sea and even hiking around in the desert areas adjacent to the shore, never once did we see or even hear stories of other people seeing any rattlesnakes.  Surely they are there, just not many, and not very active.  On the other hand, since I started walking in the desert/hill areas above my home in The Inland Empire, I’ve seen several.

So yes, there will be rattlesnakes, but they are at the very bottom of my list of concerns, just below being bit by horseflies.


  1. Rattlesnakes, Yes there are big one around fresh water inlets, in the late afternoon, especially when we were hunting doves!!

  2. when I was stationed at the navy base at the salton sea, not to many rattlers. however lots of sidewinders were there. they would bury themselves in sand with just their heads sticking out, just walking by you had a good chance of getting bit. the base had species of wild game on it. rabbits, fox, badgers, and other animals, even a few wild dogs, one I thougt I saw a camel, I was wrong it was a wino riding a burro

    • My grandparents were deerst rats and we used to spend quite a bit of time at Salton Sea. It was a pretty neat and busy place at one time. The water just sits there no oxygen or fresh water coming into it pretty sad. GREAT photos!

  3. We have adders in the UK which are a venomous viper species. They are quite common in the areas I walk, grassy hills but I’ve yet to see one.

    Hopefully you can avoid the rattlesnakes!

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